Coiled vase at MAD New York

Coiled vase by BCXSY and the Siyazama Project at the MAD (Museum of Arts and Design) in New York.
Stephen Burks | Are You A Hybrid?
May 3 – October 21

Stephen Burks | Are You A Hybrid? explores the presence, impact and influence of the developing world on contemporary design. It is curated by Stephen Burks whose Brooklyn-based design studio, Readymade Projects has made cultural fusion its signature strategy. Contextualizing his own approach, Burks celebrates the work of other artists, designers and photographers whose influential projects have set global trends and promoted a pluralistic vision of design. Both historical and contemporary, they share common formal influences and DIY conceptual strategies that favor the spirit of immediacy and craftsmanship that is readily found in cultures of the African diaspora and beyond.

Stephen Burks | Are You A Hybrid? is part of the MADProjects exhibition series which explores emerging trends and innovation in the design world. Evolving out of the core themes of MAD’s recent show The Global Africa Project, this exhibition explores in greater depth the issue of cultural fusion in design.


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